New: Plasma metallisation

PCBs made of paper and PET

The novel technology from the field of medical engineering turns a plurality of materials into electrically conducting and solderable printed circuit boards that were not suitable for an assembly with electronic components up to this point in time.

So far, solderable paper FPCs (FPC = Flexible Printed Circuit) are a novelty and, as a consequence of the new technology, offer a plurality of applications. They are affordable, have no diffusion barrier and are thus suitable for large-scale applications such as wallpapers or advertising spaces.

PET may also serve as a basic material for FPCs. This plastic material is cheaper than polyimide, is characterised by a very good strength, a high resilience, and a low weight. When coated with a thin aluminium layer, which is rendered solderable via plasma metallisation, the PET FPCs may be equipped with components.

New Flex production line -
more reliable, lower priced and faster

When compared to the standard process utilised for printed FPCs, wherein the basic material printed with non-solderable strip conductors – e.g. made of aluminium – is coated by means of a conductive adhesive with a high silver content, the plasma metallisation method is much cheaper.

Furthermore, the standard procedure is not that reliable, since the conductivity ultimately depends on temperature and moisture.

New technique,
new opportunities

As a matter of principle, this novel technology may be used to render any thinkable basic materials conductive and solderable. For instance, illuminated wallpapers are only one possibility for this innovative invention. Metallised paper may particularly be used in the field of advertising in the form of postcards, letter paper, posters, or packages and equipped with light-emitting diodes and other electronic components. Even textiles, equipped with LEDs, can become active light sources.

Multiple advantages

  • When compared to rigid printed circuit boards made of FR4 or aluminium, flex PCBs may be subjected to a higher dynamic and mechanical load without being damaged as a consequence.
  • Lower storage and transport costs due to the processing of the FPCs in the form of rolls of 50 to 100 m length
  • Fast and automated further processing on large production lines
  • Individually applicable due to its flexible base material
  • More scope for luminaire manufacturers due to low weight
  • Entirely new dimensions (in terms of length) can be realized


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