Human Centric Lighting – Smart Lighting Control for More Well-Being

At the beginning of spring, we experience how much we are drawn outside. As soon as the sun shows itself, it is hard to resist it. In the course of evolution, humans have developed under the natural light of the sun and therefore need their daily “dose of light”. At the same time, the human organism is shaped to dynamic light. As the most important time giver in the course of the day, daylight is closely related to the human biorhythm. From sunrise to sunset, the body reacts to the changing properties of light: intensity, colour temperature, timing and direction.

Exposed to Static, Artificial Light for Too Long - There Is a Better Way


Today’s “indoor generation” spends an average of 90% of their time inside, from the time they get up to the time they go to sleep. Contrary to the true day-night rhythm, artificial light often only provides static lighting that does not meet natural human needs. In addition, the light level outside is many times higher than that of artificial light sources indoors.

As a result of staying too long in work or living spaces, a disturbance of the circadian system or the internal clock can develop. Or what many have already experienced themselves: the impairment of performance, concentration and general mood.





Light sources that are not only bright (and efficient), but whose brightness and spectral composition are based on natural light during the course of the day, can create real visual and emotional added value for the user.

Dynamic lighting design that focuses on people’s interests is becoming increasingly important on the lighting market under the term “Human Centric Lighting” (HCL). The aim is to provide the right light, at the right place, at the right time, for the respective activities during the course of the day.

Based on findings from scientific research, there is a growing general awareness that lighting has a noticeable impact on people’s health and well-being. However, the need for research remains very high, as the effect of light on people throughout the life cycle is very complex.

Extensive Possibilities with Casambi Lighting Control for Human Centric Lighting

LUMITRONIX® is increasingly working on projects for smart, dynamic light – currently especially for use in offices and factory workplaces, but also in private households. Light should be easy to control and at the same time adaptable to different situations.

For the user, dynamic light can be controlled very conveniently, simply and comprehensively by intelligent Casambi systems. The end user has access via tablet, PC, smartphone or Casambi XPRESS Light Switch and integrates all luminaires via the Casambi app.

As a Casambi system partner, we have developed control units with a built-in Casambi-ready module that transmits the signals from the app directly to the connected light sources within the Casambi network via radio. The colour temperature and luminous flux of the artificial lighting are adjusted according to the user’s individual preferences throughout the day.

The following two connection sketches show our Casambi control units in an exemplary setup for dynamic lighting.

The products used are linked to the Lumitronix online shop. On request, our customers receive special prices for their projects. The LED modules selected as examples can of course be replaced by other LED assemblies, including those from other companies.

Casambi Light Control for Tunable White Applications

Tunable White LED modules or Flex strips can be controlled via the two channels of the compact MiniController Casambi and individual lighting scenarios can be set in the colour temperature range from 2000 K – 6500 K.

Casambi Light Control for Circadian Tunable White Applications

The Casambi PowerController in combination with the LED module LinearZ Circadian Tunable White enables a true-to-nature colour gradient very close to Planck’s curve. With a 3-channel light control, the natural light gradient of the sun can be imitated in a deceptively realistic way thanks to three different colour temperatures (2000 K, 4000 K and 6500 K). This enables lighting scenarios that support the human inner clock naturally.

Our LED modules and control units Casambi MiniController and Casambi PowerController are compatible with numerous products from the “Casambi Ecosystem“. However, by using sensor solutions from the Casambi Ecosystem (presence detectors/motion detectors/light sensors), the lighting system can also operate depending on daylight, presence and/or motion.

We are happy to support you in the realisation of dynamic lighting systems for Human Centric Lighting. A compatibility list for a complete system with Casambi is available from us on request.

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