FlexOne LED strip

Highest Flexibility for Individual Lighting Solutions

Due to their divisibility after each LED the new LUMITRONIX® FlexOne LED strips
offer a high degree of flexibility for they optimally adapt to the intended environment and close flush without creating shady areas. Furthermore, the additionally applied linear control ensures that the current is kept constant over
the entire module length. This distinguishes the FlexOne LED strips from previous products, because on flexible LED strips without linear current control the LED current decreases with increasing module length as the voltage loss is not compensated. In that case you’d have to additionally feed in electricity to counteract the power loss. Therefore the last LED on the FlexOne LED strips lights up as bright as the first one even with a one-sided power supply.

The FlexOne LED strips, equipped with high-power LEDs, achieve a phenomenal output of up to 19000 lumens over a length of 5m. In addition to the extremely high brightness, the FlexOne strips can also convince with their flexibility and versatility in processing. Equipped with 3M double-sided adhesive tape, which adheres to a large number of surfaces, make the installation very comfortable and easy. Developed and manufactured in Germany, the FlexOne LED strips meet the highest quality demands. The FlexOne strips are available in the following versions:

FlexOne500 Professional

The FlexOne500 Professional LED strips with 5-year warranty are equipped with 500 high-power LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor and create an outstanding light output of up to 13,000 lumens at 5 meters length. The strips are available in the colour temperatures 2700 K and 4000 K. The strips can be divided after each LED (every 10mm) and thus ensure the greatest possible flexibility and bending radii.


  • Linear regulation for constant brightness over the entire length
  • Luminous flux of up to 2560 lumens per metreIndividually available
  • Arbitrary lengths possible (10mm grid)
  • 24V operating voltage
  • Easy to install
  • Double-sided, thermally conductive 3M adhesive tape
  • Up to 108lm/W
  • Homogenous white light thanks to ANSI binning
  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in Germany


  • For lighting scenarios with consistent and constant brightness
  • For applications with the highest demands on flexibility
  • For lighting of machines and industrial lines
  • Cove lighting
  • Decorative lighting
  • Trade show design
  • Plinth lighting
  • Background lighting
  • Kitchen lighting
  • Indirect lighting
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