LinearZ LED modules

Maximum Efficiency in the Zhaga Standard

The LinearZ LED modules from LUMITRONIX® are compatible with many common linear luminaires thanks to the Zhaga standard design. They are easy and convenient to install because they can be connected without soldering. Constant light quality with the same brightness level and uniform light colour is guaranteed by 3-step MacAdam binning.

The premium LEDs from leading manufacturers enable the currently highest level of technology and thus combine first-class quality and top values of the latest LED technology.

For a full-spectrum illumination, we use Sunlike LEDs that have a CRI value of almost 100. In addition, other special LEDs can be used on the LinearZ modules at the customer’s request. Even in small quantities, the LED modules can be customised in terms of light colours or alternative LED types.

Developed and manufactured by LUMITRONIX®, the modules are 100% Made in Germany. The LinearZ LED modules are available in lengths of 140 mm, 280 mm or 560 mm.

Overview: Standard LinearZ LED Modules

The LED modules already achieve at least an energy efficiency class C. However, for most colour temperatures, a class A with a CRI of 80 or B with a CRI of 90 are easily possible. The overview graphic shows you the current standard portfolio with the available colour temperatures, as well as the Tunable White versions. Further down in the text, we will elaborate on the individual product versions.



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Maximum Efficiency and at the same time Best Quality of Light for Sustainable Light Sources

In order to meet the high requirements of the new Ecodesign Directive, our proven LinearZ product family has been expanded by three new LED assemblies equipped with Nichia LEDs. Thanks to the patented TriGain phosphor technology, they impress with excellent colour rendering (min. CRI 90) without compromising the efficiency of the LED modules. With these new developments, modern linear luminaires for commercial use can safely achieve the high energy efficiency class A or B.


LinearZ 280-60 4000 K -
The perfect work light

The version with 4000K colour temperature was developed for classic working light. Due to the particularly good light quality, the colours of the objects are reproduced authentically. This can help to increase visual and working conditions and, as a result, improve work processes.


  • Luminous flux up to 1160 lm
  • Colour temperature: 4000 K
  • 26 LEDs of the H6 series from Nichia
  • TriGain phosphor technology
  • Constant current mode
  • Energy efficiency class A ( Energy Labelling Regulation (ELR) 2019/2015)
  • Possible applications: Hall lighting in production and logistics

LinearZ 280-40 Tunable White -
Customisable light

The Tunable White version allows individual adjustment of the colour temperature according to need. This makes it possible to adapt the artificial light to the different requirements during the course of a day in order to increase individual well-being through the lighting effect.


  • Luminous flux up to 953 lm
  • Colour temperature: 2700 – 5000 K (Tunable White)
  • 40 LEDs of the H6 series from Nichia
  • TriGain phosphor technology
  • Constant current operation
  • Energy efficiency class A ( Energy Labelling Regulation (ELR) 2019/2015)
  • Possible applications: Office, shop and hotel lighting

LinearZ 280-112 Circadian Tunable White -
Three colour temperatures for a natural gradient

With the Circadian TW version, the natural light pattern of the sun can be imitated in a surprisingly realistic way thanks to three different colour temperatures. A true-to-nature colour gradient very close to Planck’s curve enables light scenarios that support the human inner clock in a natural way.


  • Luminous flux up to 1140 lm
  • Colour temperature: 2000 – 6500 K (Tunable White)
  • 112 LEDs of the Nichia 757 family (4000 K & 6500 K from the H6 series with TriGain phosphor technology)
  • TriGain phosphor technology
  • Energy efficiency class B ( Energy Labelling Regulation (ELR) 2019/2015)
  • Constant voltage operation
  • Possible applications: Medical sector or educational institutions

LED Light Just Like Daylight

The LinearZ modules are equipped with innovative full-spectrum LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor, which have a CRI value of almost 100. Their light spectrum no longer has any gaps and is thus comparable to sunlight. The reduction of the unnaturally high blue component in LEDs leads to more pleasant and contrast-rich vision and ensures that people’s natural biorhythms are not disturbed.

Colours are reproduced with particular fidelity and even the smallest nuances of colour can be reliably assessed. All this opens up a wide range of applications for LinearZ LED modules.


  • Different lengths: 140 mm / 280 mm / 560 mm
  • Colour temperatures: 3000 K / 4000 K
  • High-power LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor SunLike
  • Approximately the spectrum of sunlight
  • Highly realistic colour reproduction
  • High contrast vision and better reading
  • Improved concentration
  • KeineNo negative influence on the natural day-and-night rhythm negative Beeinflussung des natürlichen Tag-und-Nacht-Rhythmus
  • Colour nuances can be judged well
LinearZ LED modules are suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Workstation lighting

  • Lighting with Zhaga standard

  • Industrial lighting