LinearZ LED modules

Maximum efficiency in the Zhaga standard

The LinearZ LED module is the first of its type in the lengths 560mm, fitted with 52 LEDs or 280mm with 26 LEDs. The LinearZ is easy and comfortable to install. Because the module was designed according to the Zhaga standard, it is compatible with commonly available lights. It does not require a cooling element and can be connected without soldering. With the slim design, it is also ideal for use in narrow lamps for industrial and workstation lighting.

The module offers sensational lighting efficiency of up to 172 lumens per watt with a luminous flux of 1130 lumens. Close arrangement ensures that no light points are recognisable. The LinearZ illuminates consistently and homogeneously in white with the high-quality Nichia LEDs in 3-step MacAdam Binning. The most common colour temperatures of the lighting spectrum are covered with temperatures of 3000, 4000 and 6500 Kelvin. Developed and manufactured by Lumitronix, the module is 100% Made in Germany and guarantees a service life of 3 years.

LinearZ LED modules


  • Designed according to the Zhaga standard
  • Solder-free connection
  • No cooling element necessary
  • No light points thanks to close arrangement
  • 3-step MacAdam Binning
  • Made in Germany
  • 3 year warranty
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Application areas
  • Workstation lighting

  • Lighting with Zhaga standard

  • Industrial lighting