MaxLine LED strips

Light lines for luminaires and rooms.

The plug & play solution for bright tube lights.

The MaxLine series constitutes a completely new development: The module serves as a replacement for conventional fluorescent tubes and is perfectly suited for the production of tube lights. The Nichia light emitting diodes and the components used for MaxLine ensure a long service life. The newly developed plug & play system makes installation fast, simple and uncomplicated.

We offer the strips in a constant voltage and constant current version, each with 14, 35 or 70 LEDs. The constant voltage version (24 V) is designed for maximum flexibility in use, the constant current version for maximum efficiency.


With constant current, many modules can be operated with a single power unit in a series. The exact number depends on the version and the power unit. Flexibility during installation is ideal. Modules and power unit of the constant current version must match to one another. Operation will be highly efficient.

MaxLine LED strips


  • CRI 80+
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 280 x 13 x 4.5 mm
  • MaxLine 14 is a performer product and comes with a 3 years warranty
  • All values at Tc=85°C
  • Cable cross-section: AWG 18 – AWG 26 / 0.13 mm² – 0.8 mm²
  • Recess for screw-mounting
  • Replacement for tube lights
  • Very bright and efficient
  • Easy plug & play system
  • Matching products: Thermally conductive adhesive pad for MaxLine 14
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Application areas
  • Replacement for light tubes

  • Illumination of large area

  • Light in passages