MiniMatrix and LumiMatrix LED Modules

No limits thanks to a creative plug-in system.

The LUMITRONIX® LED matrix concept enables limitless variety with a single product. The product is especially well-suited to realise individual and unique light solutions such as specifically designed light fields. All four sides of each square segment provide connectors, which enables construction of long strings, complex shapes or large surfaces. The individual Matrix segments can be easily connected to each other with our direct connectors. No soldering required! The matrix can be ordered in pre-assembled segment sizes and can be enlarged or reduced by hand according to individual wishes.

They are distinguished by high module efficiency and natural colour rendering. The Matrix does not necessarily only serve as a technical module e.g. for promotional signs, illuminated letters or ambience lighting, but can also be installed directly to the ceiling or wall without any provisions (24 V) as a technical luminary. It is equipped with high quality and durable light emitting diodes by Nichia. The high CRI assures natural colour rendering and a 5-year warranty assures planning and investment security.

MiniMatrix LED Modules

Bright, efficient and long-lasting.

Despite an unbelievable 75,000 lm per square metre, the MiniMatrix only becomes hand-warm and does not require any cooling thanks to its outstanding efficiency of 143 lm/W. The Nichia light-emitting diodes installed in the MiniMatrix are operated well below the maximum values. Otherwise, no components that limit the service life are installed. The means that the MiniMatrix can last for decades. The Matrix is designed in a way that it can be delivered in one piece with a size of up to 9 x 14 and operates like one large PCB.


  • Highest flexibility thanks to compact structure
  • Easy installation
  • 5 year warranty
  • High quality Nichia HighPower SMD LEDs
  • Combinable with our Multibar strips & accessories
  • Holes for the fixation with screws
  • With 140 lm/W, it does not become hot and no cooling is necessary
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 30 x 30 x 2.5 mm (each segment)
  • Diameter borehole: approx. 3 mm
  • Distance boreholes (centre/centre): approx. 30 mm


  • Illuminated advertising
  • Illuminated letters and boxes
  • Room illumination
  • Decoration
  • Indirect light
  • Reconstruction/refitting of old luminaires to LED technology

LumiMatrix LED Modules

Ideal for lights and luminous ceilings.

The LumiMatrix LED module was optimised for use in high-quality lights and luminous ceilings. The 16 LEDs distributed across the board ensure consistent lighting without light spots. Connecting it via WAGO 2059 terminals is very simple. The LumiMatrix is available in the colours warm white (2700 K) and neutral white (4000 K). Despite the high light output of up to 460 lm and an efficiency of 120 lm/W, the LumiMatrix requires no cooling. The high-quality Nichia LEDs with 3-step MacAdam ellipse ensure consistent white light at an outstanding CRI of >90.


  • High module efficiency of up to 120 lm/W
  • Optimised for lights and luminous ceilings
  • No cooling required
  • High CRI 90+
  • Dimmable
  • Holes for the fixation with screws
  • Connect multiple modules with direct connectors, no soldering required
  • Easy to connect via WAGO 2059 terminal
  • Nichia binning (3-step MacAdam) for consistent white light
  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 4 mm
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Application areas
  • Residential room lighting

  • Backlit surfaces

  • Atmospheric access lighting

  • Light lines in free form

  • Illuminated letters