Expand your possibilities with the trade fair innovations from LUMITRONIX®

On this page we present our new products for Light + Building 2020, and this year almost everything revolves around flexibility. Because with the help of the innovative and patented technology of plasma metallization, almost all flexible base materials can be processed on our brand new Flex production line in endless lengths using the roll-to-roll process.

In the following, we will briefly introduce the products to you. Further information on the articles is available in our short brochure and the data sheets which we provide for download.

Paper-Flex - Flexible LED modules with the base material paper
on rolls of up to 50 meters

The standard version of Paper-Flex has a length of 24.85 metres and a width of 35 centimetres. It consists of a total of 497 LED strands, each five centimeters wide. Each LED strand has seven LEDs, which together produce a luminous flux of 55 lumen. In total, the complete roll of Paper-Flex reaches 27335 lumens. As the Paper-Flex modules are divided into separate strands, they can be individually assembled in different lengths according to customer requirements. Currently, roll lengths of up to 50 metres are possible.



Short brochure Data sheet (German)

Z-Flex 280x20 - Flexible LED strips in Zhaga standard
enable simplified installation in linear luminaires

In contrast to rigid modules, which have to be fixed in large numbers with screws depending on the nature of the luminaire, the Z-Flex LED strips can be glued in one piece into the luminaire body. Another advantage over modules based on rigid boards is the cabling. The Z-Flex modules can be operated up to a maximum length of 1.4 metres – equivalent to 5 modules – with one feed.

The production of the 280 x 20 mm Z-Flex modules at LUMITRONIX® takes place in a roll-to-roll process on the new Flex production line in lengths of 5.6 and 56 m.


Short brochure Data sheet PET SELV version (German)

LumiFlex350 Professional - Flexible LED Strips
manufactured in Germany using the R2R process

The new LumiFlex350 Professional LED strips are our first flexible LED strips manufactured in roll-to-roll process on our in-house new Flex production line. The LED flexstrips, which are equipped with 350 LEDs, measure 5 meters in length as standard, are available in the colour temperatures 2700 K, 3000 K, 4000 K and 6500 K and have a long service life and high efficiency. The flexible base material is plated through over the entire length and does not need to be soldered every 50 cm for longer applications as is the case with standard flexible strips. This minimizes the risk of errors.


Short brochure Data sheet 2700 K version

LumiFlex560 Professional TW - Flexible LED strips
with innovative 2in1 Tunable White LEDs on rolls of up to 50 meters

The LumiFlex560 Professional TW has been equipped using the roll-to-roll process on the new in-house production line, which is capable of processing flexible substrates of any kind in almost endless lengths. Subsequently, an individual assembly of the desired dimensions is possible. The standard version of the LumiFlex560 Professional TW has 560 LEDs over a length of 5 meters.

What makes the new flex strips so special is the LEDs used. We rely on the groundbreaking 2in1 Tunable White LEDs NF2W757G-MT from Nichia. These are the world’s first light-emitting diodes that combine a colour temperature range from 2700 to 6500 K under a phosphor layer.

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MiniController Casambi Classic - Extremely compact
Tunable White control unit with smart operability

Another new product we are presenting at Light + Building 2020 is the MiniController Casambi Classic. The control unit for LED modules with Tunable White technology is just 8 cm long and 1.4 cm wide. Thanks to the integrated Casambi module, it can be conveniently operated via smartphone or tablet using the Casambi App. The very small dimensions of the Casambi Classic MiniController make it ideal for integration into a wide range of luminaire types. The prepared drill holes with countersink for M3 screws also make installation easier.

Short brochure Data sheet (German)

Special LED modules for the dark light optics

Also new are the MiniDaisy LED modules designed by LUMITRONIX® in close cooperation with the Finnish optics manufacturer LEDiL. The narrow LED strips are compatible with the new linear optics DAISY-MINI from LEDiL and are intended for use in office and task lighting.

DAISY-MINI is an extension of LEDiL’s dark light concept, which aims to provide unobtrusive and discreet lighting that creates a more natural atmosphere. The optic, which is only 21 mm wide, offers a linear solution for luminaires and consists of a seamless and glare-free cover combined with 14 effective lenses.


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